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    • Area coverage
      120,000 m2
    • Employees
      > 1,100
    • Researchers
      > 40%
    • 5 holding
    • 3 wholly-owned

    Shanghai Aviation Electric Co.,Ltd was established in 1954 and we are affiliated to Aviation Industry Corporation of China. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary to that of China Avionics Systems CO.,LTD. (listed company and its stock code:600372).Our two factories locate in Minhang and Jinshan, with an area coverage around 120,000 m2. We have 5 holding subsidiaries and employee around 1,100.

    We were born during the Korean War as aviation industry for New China,. Over the past 60 years, we are in line with national defense strategy and grasped the open door policy, as well as the historical rapid development in aircraft industry. We started with maintenance on aircraft electrical components, and despite wind and rain all the way, we have made great contribution to major national construction equipment. Meantime, we actively responded to national’s policy and output excellent personnel and technology equipment to the West China, and assisted in construction and contracted to construct multiple airborne electrical enterprises. After entering the new era, our company adheres to the strategy and continues research investment on core areas/fields. We lead the industrial development with customer needs and driven innovation with cutting-edge technology. We invest over 10% of our annual revenue into research and we have over 40% employees who are engaged in innovation, research and development work. Our company has received many patents and National Defense Science and Technology Progress Awards. We have national certified technology center, national certified labs as well as professional labs for power distribution system and lighting systems.

    Currently, we have four major business segments which are military aviation, civil aviation, non-aviation defense and non-aviation civilian products. In military and civil aviation and non-aviation defense segments, our company is devoted to provide customers with five main systems which are lighting system, control panel assembly and dimming control system (CPA&DCS), warning system, secondary power distribution system and voice recognition system, all of which are already widely in use on major national key models. As the only domestic airborne equipment supplier for China big airplane C919, we are also entrusted with the research and development task of control panel assembly and secondary power distribution system for Xian M700. non-aviation defense segment serves mainly military sectors like aerospace, ship, weapon, electronics. We provide innovative system solution and service to customer according to different usage such as for Shenzhou spacecrafts etc, and we are well received by our customers. Civil products include six series of products which are gardening tools, automotive components and transmission precision components, 4th generation power-head engine components for high speed trains, tire pressure monitoring system, automotive power inverter and universal relays. Our customers are over the world and mainly Fortune top 500 such as Walmart, Volkswagen group, GM, GE, Schneider etc.

    Products & Solutions
    Lighting Solutions
    CPAs & DCS Solution
    Warning Solutions
    Secondary PDM Solutions
    Speech R & S Solutions
    Core Electric Apparatus
    Automotive Components
    Civil Aircraft Maintenance
    Application Fields
    Non-aviation Defense
    About Us
    Company History
    Management Team
    Enterprise Culture
    Enterprise Strategy

    Contact Us

    Contact Us:Tel:021-61867331(9:00-17:00) E-Mail: sae@sae118.com

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