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    CPAs & DCS Solution

    Control panel assembly and Dimming control system is a collective concept which refers to the control interface and lighting system that are equipped in all kinds of aircraft and ships. The main human machine interfaces in the cockpit console are integrated control signal input, indication signal display and automatic luminance adjustment and other functions.

    • Integrated control and dimming interface

    • Good accessibility and high reliability

    • To satisfy the individual tactile recognition and memory

    • Multiple modes of master lighting control

    • Night-vision compatible lighting

    As the only company nationwide who masters the technology of integrated design of cockpit control and dimming, the company has the capability of series production. The technology adopts the design concept of comfortness and individualization, has the features of touch and visual feedback, adaptive dimming etc, and it can realize the highly comfortable human factors and enhance the operation accuracy of pilots.

    Automatic dimming technology can adjust the luminance in the cockpit to match the surrounding environment in a dynamic light environment. In particular, it provides the luminance control in the cockpit which meets the needs for visual adaption when pilots are exposed under instantaneous bright lights. It solves the visual impact to pilots due to rapid changes in the light environments and substantially increases the flight safety and combat efficiency.

    Nationwide we are the only one who has a complete verification platform for automatic dimming testing which provides realistic simulation of all kinds of light environments during flight.

    • Automatic Dimming Curve Database

    • Iterative Design Capability

    • Independent Support

    • System Integration Experience

    • Subject to the requirements of various types of experiments as specified in / Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment Laboratory

    • EMC meets the regulations and requirements as specified in GJB 151A-1997.

    • Ergonomics complies with GJB 2873-1997‘Ergonomic Design Criteria of Military

    • Equipment and Facilities’, MTBF(medium and large aircraft):≥1000h

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