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    Infocomm China 2017 AVIC Guohua Making Its Debut in Infocomm China 2017 with Whole Series of Laser Projectors
    Release time:2017.06.08


    On April 12-14, the 12th InfoComm China was held at China National Convention Center in Beijing. As a grand industry event for professional audio-visual and information communications products, equipment and solutions, the trade fair of the year was larger than ever before. AVIC Guohua, a cutting-edge brand of laser projectors, made its debut in the fair with whole series of products, whose luminance ranged from 2,800 lumens to 8,000 lumens, covering the market segments of home application, business, education, engineering, etc! While displaying its whole series of laser projects to the users across all industries, AVIC Guohua demonstrated a variety of application solutions on the spot!

    AVIC Guohua laser projector is an independent laser projection display product under Shanghai Aviation Electric Co., Ltd. (SAE) affiliated to Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). In the context of civil-military integration development, by virtue of its strengths in the fields of “sound, light and electricity”, SAE is making great efforts in development of the laser projector business integrated with R&D, production and sales, thus striving to grow it into one of the pillar sectors of the Company. Serviceable for any space and suitable for the fields of home application, business, education and engineering, the laser projects exhibited by AVIC Guohua has a luminance ranging from 2,800 lumens to 8,000 lumens, a resolution ranging from XGA to WUGA, and a lens ranging from 0.25 to 5.5:1; compared with the traditional bulb light source, the laser projector is featured by the advantages of high luminance sustained for long, great saturation and contrast, long service life, safe operation, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc, overcoming the deficiency in color gamut of the traditional bulb projector technology and bringing about a better visual experience.

    Aiming at the complete product line, AVIC Guohua demonstrated a wealth of solutions in InfoComm China 2017; the display area integrated with arc screen employed LP-60US laser engineering projector produced by AVIC Guohua and the arc screen with a length of 5,800m and a width of 1,800m was projected via hoisting. Hailed as the “smallest, lightest and quietest” laser engineering projector among the currently known brands, perfectly covering Rec.709, with high-definition color gamut, accurate color reduction and replaceable lens, LP-60US can realize 720-degree installation and achieve infinite creativity.

    The display area for home-service projection employed LP-40US laser ultra-short-focus projector, a star product of AVIC Guohua. Equipped with a unique double filter and adopting the inner circulating cooling technology, LP-40US can reach a luminance of 4,000 lumens; the application of non-telecentric technology for ultra-short-focus lens in the laser projector reduces the number of optical components in the projection lens, thus substantially enhancing efficiency of the optical engine on the condition that the power remains unchanged and allowing the user to enjoy large-screen high-definition display in a narrow space.

    In addition, AVIC Guohua also displayed flight simulation, electronic sand table, DLP spliced projection, virtual reality and other solutions, which all were highly concerned and recognized by the exhibitors and professional visitors!

    Unveiled in Infocomm China for the first time, AVIC Guohua wowed the visitors with a product line covering all fields and a wealth of applications and solutions, highlighting the strength and determination of AVIC Guohua to build a home-made leading brand in the field of laser projection. It is believed that the laser projector of AVIC Guohua will bring about another wave of development driving force to the projection market, thus creating an amazing visual experience to the users.


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