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    Shanghai Aviation Electric Co.,Ltd organized a series of interviews on '2016 Enterprise Development Dialogues'
    Release time:2016.03.04

    In order to thoroughly implement general requirements from 2016 group summit and 2016 annual general meeting of Shanghai Aviation Electric Co.,Ltd, and to comprehensively promote 2016 work plan and to root the strategic planning of the 13th Five year, to encourage everyone, to lead the strategy and to transform innovation for a new development situation, the company organized a series of interviews on '2016 Enterprise Development Dialogues' on Feb.29th. The activity is mainly expanded around the "13th Five" year strategic development planning and 2016 work targets. It was further divided into six activities which involved multiple business segments such as military service, civilian service, civil aircraft business, capacity building, research, quality, production, finance, human resources and so on. Each interviewee are the leaders in charge or main management from the relevant business units.

    The interview activity is one of the series activities as promoted by our company for the implementation of "54321" strategy, and it is also a critical movement for the strategic transformation development in later half after kick-off of the "13th Five Year". By passing down from one layer to the other, it helps the management and employees to understand company strategic development in a systematic way, with a clear company development direction in coming five years. Next, our company will utilize the spirits of "Grab the iron and the grip marks show, stepping on stone, the footprint stays," to carry out each activity and to lay a good foundation for our "13th Five Year" development.

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