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    Civil Aircraft Maintenance

    Our maintenance covers several models such as Boeing 737~777, Airbus 320~340, MA60, and 600, including coverage over 5 chapters such as ATA2730313379.We have rich resources in lighting system, indicative recording system and other technical aspects of product maintenance. And we are highly competitive in depth repairs of products.

    • Flight control system
    • Anti-icing and Rain Drainage System
    • Indicative recording system
    • Lighting system
    • Engine lubrication system
    • Depth repair of Illuminated panels

    We are a new airborne equipment maintenance company, as well as the first maintenance unit within East China region for OEMs. By grasping the opportunity of big development in aviation industry and relying on Shanghai's geographical and resource advantages, with a leverage of company’s own software and hardware technology conditions, we progressively developed our multiple service advantages based on scientific research and technology innovation. We consolidated our indispensable position in the maintenance industry through strengthening our capability in depth. We have also rapidly integrated into civil aviation maintenance industry via continuous improvement on maintenance systems, establishment and development on our maintenance capability.

    We are certified with ‘Maintenance License’ by East China Administration of Civil Aviation on November, 15th, 2011. (Registered No:200083)

    Currently we center in East China region, and continuously establish business relationship with airlines, OEMs and other maintenance units. And we are committed to provide our customer and potential customers with excellent customer services.

    Products & Solutions
    Lighting Solutions
    CPAs & DCS Solution
    Warning Solutions
    Secondary PDM Solutions
    Speech R & S Solutions
    Core Electric Apparatus
    Automotive Components
    Civil Aircraft Maintenance
    Application Fields
    Non-aviation Defense
    About Us
    Company History
    Management Team
    Enterprise Culture
    Enterprise Strategy

    Contact Us

    Contact Us:Tel:021-61867331(9:00-17:00) E-Mail: sae@sae118.com

    Copyright ? 2016 All Rights Reserved  AVIC SAE  滬ICP備07014711號-3 滬公網安備31011202001332號

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